Poor California

California is in a lot of trouble and it’s just getting worse and worse. I just read that Carly Fiorina, the former disgraced CEO of Hewlett-Packard decided to run for the Senate in California. There’s a number of reasons why it makes me angry:

  • Personality – Carly Fiorina got fired from the McCain campaign last summer for saying that none of the presidential candidates have the experience to run a major company like Hewlett-Packard. Now, I’ll go into her extraordinary leadership skills in a moment, but, hey, how far from diplomatic you mindset needs to be for you to say something like this?!
  • Leadership – or rather lack of its existence. I remember having this one class in college, which compared leadership styles of different CEOs and Carly Fiorina was a case of miserable failure. As CEO she asked everyone to remove Hewlett’s and Packard’s photos from the walls and instead asked the employees to hang her photo over there. Oh, and than she wrecked the whole company – the company’s stock price jumped when investors heard of her departure from HP. Sad.
  • Personality, again – specifically, honor and integrity. With all what she did to Hewlett Packard, with all the politically unwise comments she makes she still think she can be a senator. How twisted and careless and egoist of a person you must be to think like that?
  • She’s a Republican – and this makes me very, very angry. I was hoping that the Republican party would start looking for some bright, educated candidates as the voters overwhelmingly voted Democratic in the last election.

Mrs Fiorina, please, just go away and leave California alone so that it can sort out its problems without you representing it in the Senate

It seems that people in California are divided into two groups – one group, which strongly opposes Carly Fiorina on the grounds of what I wrote above and the other which hates both candidates (the other one being Barbara Boxer, the Democratic incumbent). The latter group will probably divide 50/50 and that’s the one which will vote for Fiorina. Their is no chance on Earth that the first group will vote for her, unless Barbara Boxer decides to make a quick career change, the Democrats pull out former Enron CEOs from jail and ask them to run against Fiorina. I mean, come on. You don’t need to be creative to make TV ads in this race…

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