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I just read a really interesting commentary on the American elections by Thomas L. Friedman – A New York Time journalist and author of “The World is Flat”. Very neatly summarized I would say:

If John McCain can win this election race with a 50-pound ball called “George W. Bush” wrapped around one ankle and a 50-pound ball called “The U.S. Economy” wrapped around the other, then he deserves to represent America in the next Olympics in any race he wants — swimming, cycling or track — I don’t care how old he is. He would be the Michael Phelps of politics. I confess, I watch politics from afar, but here’s what I’ve been feeling for a while: Whoever slipped that Valium into Barack Obama’s coffee needs to be found and arrested by the Democrats because Obama has gone from cool to cold. Somebody needs to tell Obama that if he wants the chance to calmly answer the phone at 3 a.m. in the White House, he is going to need to start slamming down some phones at 3 p.m. along the campaign trail. I like much of what he has to say, especially about energy, but I don’t think people are feeling it in their guts, and I am a big believer that voters don’t listen through their ears. They listen through their stomachs. If you as a politician connect with voters on a gut level, they will follow you anywhere and not fret about the details. If you don’t connect with them on a gut level, you can’t show them enough details. Obama early on, and particularly with young people, connected on a gut level like no other politician since Ronald Reagan.

Nike+ Human Race – results

Hmmm… Well, it went ok. My objective was to run below one hour, which, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to do – my time was 1h 05min. Lessons learned, I guess I still need a lot of training! But on the 11th of November there’s another 10km race and I say… Let’s do it!!!

Asides of the results the race was so great. I loved the sea of red T-Shirts and the whole organization. From some more experienced runners I heard the organization wasn’t so great, but I – a newbie – was very satisfied.

If you did run post your results in the comments :) . See you next year and all the best from 0108008!


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Beginning February 2011 I have started a new job at Google in its EU HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I will be responsible for AdWords-related issues for the UK / Ireland market.

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