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“The Economist” has great covers, but the latest edition made my heart start beating a little faster and made me sweat a little. Change in geopolitics is coming and it will be dramatic. By the way – the article itself is very insightful. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

The Economist Cover

This is a piece I wrote about a month ago with the aid of a good friend of mine. It was meant as an essay, but ended up being an interesting thought experiment. It’s about the “Dark Side” of globalization and how the global world affects terrorist operations. In a way intuitive, then again – meant as a thought experiment. Enjoy!

In 2008 87.5% of France’s power was produced through a huge network of nuclear power plants around the country. 59 nuclear power plants produce energy not only for France, but also supply Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. All this happens at a very low cost and with huge efficiency.

The year is 1961. A huge fireball can be seen in the northern part of Siberia, on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. Soviet scientists have just succeeded in testing what is by far the world’s most powerful bomb. The “Tsar Bomba” with its power of 50 megatonnes (4000 times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb) leaves a crater deep for two kilometers and creates a fireball nine kilometers wide in diameter.

Technology, development, and globalization – all of these create a positive mental image in our heads. Yet, one needs to realize that to every positive aspect of these phenomenon there is a downside. Globalization is a double-edged sword Read more… »

Fusion Energy Rocks

After the fabulous “The World is Flat” Thomas Friedman releases a new fantastic book. This time he is dealing with the topic of climate change, green energy solutions and the notion of “flatness”. I’m going on a small trip to Canada tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll buy the book while spending my time in North America.

The subject of the book seems very interesting, especially considering the fact that I got very interested in aspects of CSR, environment, green solutions and renewable energy. Why the new interest? There are two reasons – first of all I’m taking part in this really interesting course here in Budapest called “Corporate Environmental Management”. Secondly – I’m part of a team doing a joint business project with McKinsey & Company. The project’s topic is “How can Hungary sustain its future energy demand through the use of renewables?”. Lot’s of new knowledge coming with these topics.

My team members in the McK project know that I’m particularly interested in nuclear energy – nuclear power plants, the end of WWII, the cold war, the atomic and hydrogen bombs, Chernobyl always fascinated me in a sense of pure science. “How is it possible to release such a massive energy on such a large scale?”, I would often ask myself.

Well, I’ve got a couple of answers today… Read more… »

Harvard, CEMS, TFAS, Budapest

A couple of brief updates on what’s up with my life and actually a couple of very, very interesting happened recently.

First of all, a week ago I had my Harvard interview in London, UK. I believe it went well, although it’s always hard to say how your  interview went. It was pretty much what I was expecting it to be – questions about career goals, leadership and my past experiences. The interviewer was very friendly and we had a very nice talk. There was one question, which I was surprised to hear – I was asked what book I have recently read. When you think about it it’s a very valid question… Read more… »


Current Highlights

Beginning February 2011 I have started a new job at Google in its EU HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I will be responsible for AdWords-related issues for the UK / Ireland market.

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