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Poor California

California is in a lot of trouble and it’s just getting worse and worse. I just read that Carly Fiorina, the former disgraced CEO of Hewlett-Packard decided to run for the Senate in California. There’s a number of reasons why it makes me angry:

  • Personality – Carly Fiorina got fired from the McCain campaign last summer for saying that none of the presidential candidates have the experience to run a major company like Hewlett-Packard. Now, I’ll go into her extraordinary leadership skills in a moment, but, hey, how far from diplomatic you mindset needs to be for you to say something like this?! Read more… »

With a very heated debate about Health Care in the United States it is good to remind everyone the meaning of the terms used during the town hall, White House and household discussions. Below you can find a short article by Monica Oss, CEO of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP):

There are four basic terms that shape the debate: health care system; health insurance; universal coverage; and nationalized health care system. So here it goes:

Health Care System. The term refers


Current Highlights

Beginning February 2011 I have started a new job at Google in its EU HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I will be responsible for AdWords-related issues for the UK / Ireland market.

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