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About a month ago, in September, I defended my thesis at Warsaw School of Economics. The title of my work is called “Servant Leadership as a Tool for Effective Business Management” and I finally managed to find the time to post it on my website. You can read the whole thesis over here or in the “On Leadership” section. Please feel free to comment! I hope the document will serve as an inspiration to anyone seeking knowledge about business leadership.

CEMS MIM is number one!

I am very, very happy to announce that CEMS Master’s in International Management (my program!) has been rated as the best pre-work experience master’s in management program in the world by the Financial Times. It was nice to see a swarm of Facebook statuses among by proud friends proclaiming the news to the world. I have to say I’m really proud as well as the program was quite demanding and I have so many great memories related to it.

As for the ranking. You can find it over here. The CEMS website is Go CEMS!

(This is a piece I wrote for a Student Magazine about my summer experience)

I attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The people I spend my time with are mostly alcoholics and drug addicts. I understand that the first step in recovery is admitting that one has a problem and I am in a treatment center as I write these words. I’m not in rehab though – I’m just doing my internship! Read more… »


Current Highlights

Beginning February 2011 I have started a new job at Google in its EU HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I will be responsible for AdWords-related issues for the UK / Ireland market.

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