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KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly

Or “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Anyway, this quick thought I just had won’t be about abbreviations or any crazy TLAs (Three Letter Abbreviations – nice, huh?).

I always felt that there’s power in simplicity and there’s power in reminding people of “obvious things”. As one of my professors used to say the tricky thing about obvious statements is the fact that… they’re obvious. Because they’re so simple and so, uhm, obvious, people stop thinking about them. And that’s just horrible, because it’s obvious statements that are most powerful and most inspiring.

Anyway, my professor’s obvious insight (see what I did there? Just called his insight about obviousness obvious although he specifically reminded us not to do that… Oh, fun!) never really helped explain why we should be reminded of the obvious and why every once in a while we should think about it. And then I ran into this fantastic statement:

“I am sure that all of the above points are nothing new or something you have not heard of before [yeah, trust me - they were pretty "obvious" /Tom]. But it sometimes helps to reiterate the obvious since we most often, in our quest to impress, look for more complex solutions and overlook the basics.

Isn’t this insightful? It’s a great statement and an obvious explanation of why we forget about the obvious. Keep it simple, because that’s where the power lies! I could talk about many experiences I had with that and how complexity ruined various projects, while simplicity took them to a whole new level. But I’d rather leave the message as it is – simple.

The last few months

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Current Highlights

Beginning February 2011 I have started a new job at Google in its EU HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I will be responsible for AdWords-related issues for the UK / Ireland market.

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