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So, I have been doing those little challenges recently. I’ll write about it in the upcoming months… It can be anything, from small, to big; from a few-day long challenge to a few year long challenge. Among those were things like learning how to solve the Rubix Cube (that’s easy), learning how to play StarCraft (just the fundamentals, so that watching demos would be exciting rather than your typical “yyy what’s going on” moment), learning Korean (this is an on-going project as you can imagine – 네, 맞아요).

And so, I stumbled upon this website some time ago, where they were raising funds for refugees from North Korea. I remember the feeling of wanting to help the country so much after leaving it that I decided to take part in their fundraising challenge. The organization is called “LiNK” and my personal fundraising website can be found here.

The funds go to helping North Korean refugees. Not much can be done to help the country as the money typically disappears in the corrupt government officials’ pockets. There are however thousands of people who escape the regime every year – unfortunately, escape itself is not enough to ensure a peaceful life. Once out of the country (typically in China) a refugee needs to avoid Chinese officials who are more than willing to send them back to North Korean, sex and human traffickers and all other challenges. Once they reach South Korea it’s like a dream come true – they become South Korean citizen and receive a government stipend to start a new life. The funds being raised by LiNK will help all those refugees. I like to think that this can actually become more scalable. Once North Koreans learn that there are organizations like LiNK more of them might start leaving the country. A process like this can lead to a revolution and freedom for Koreans. And I don’t think that after my photo story I have to remind anyone that would be most desirable for the wonderful small country on the Korean peninsula.

I originally had a goal of raising $200. After one person (thank you Tim) donated exactly $200 and my overall sum of funds raised hit $251 I decided to up the goal to $500. But you know what? That’s nothing. THINK BIG. So I’m upgrading my new goal to $10,000 by the end of the year. Now that’s a challenge! I will be writing more in the upcoming days about my fundraising efforts. I will appreciate all your help – financial (you can raise money through the website) and organizational (more about this soon).


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