A friend of mine gave me a link to this amazing blog about a train trip from Vienna to Pyongyang. No, you are not mistaken – we’re talking North Korea! Going on a trip to North Korea is difficult in itself (you can only take part in guided tourist trips and your every move is closely watched), but what these guys did was pretty extreme… North Korea borders three countries – South Korea, China and Russia. It’s Russian border is just a couple of kilometers wide and has not been accessed by tourists for many years.

Yet, these two creative fellows (an Austrian and a Swiss) decided to get all the paperwork and then, instead of following the normal procedure, they took the Transsiberian train and got to the Russian-North Korean border. They managed to pass and for about 36 hours had absolute “freedom” – they were in North Korea without an official guide! It’s a great read and the pictures are truly eye opening.

You can learn more here: http://vienna-pyongyang.blogspot.com/ or you can go directly to the TRAVELOGUE, which in detail covers their whole adventure.

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